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Thanks so much for clicking through to this page. Right at this moment we’re in the process of setting everything up so please don’t expect to much of us to early. Please don’t let that stop you from registering though. Even though we haven’t got The Challenge up and running, we are working really hard to do-so and by registering here, you’ll be the first to know when it’s all ready to go.

You’ll see that there are levels of involvement you can select. That’s because Hit The Switch is a Grass Roots movement and we want you to be involved in making it work. If you’re an active social organizer or someone who is well connected to your local council or other community groups this is a great program you can take to them. We’d love local community groups and organizations to help us in getting the message out there. We’re not for profit and we believe that Hit The Switch is a great brand to be involved with. Thanks again.

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